Critical Linking: June 13, 2015

It’s arguably the most famous road in the world. Route 66 – just saying those words makes you want to hit the road. But did you know there are many wonderful used bookstores along the way from Chicago to Los Angeles? We have plotted the ultimate bibliophile’s road trip where you can visit 66 bricks and mortar used bookstores – who all sell on the AbeBooks marketplace – while driving from the shores of Lake Michigan to the beaches of Santa Monica. We are talking about two thousand miles and hundreds of thousands of books. It’s a booklover’s paradise – and worth the trip for that alone. Some folks travel for culinary adventures, some travel for landmarks and museums, but bibliophiles travel for the finest in literary offerings.

Used bookstore road trip along Route 66, anyone?


An eight-page fragment from the Gutenberg Bible, the first major book to be printed using Johann Gutenberg’s printing press in 15th-century Germany, will go up for sale at Sotheby’s in New York next week, and is expected to fetch at least half a million dollars.

It’ll be interesting to see where it ends up and whether the public will ever get a chance to look at it.


Hancock junior Sandra Rodriguez said she’s appreciative of her school’s inclusive selections that replace some of the traditional high school reads.

“These books just talk about men and men and men. And they never actually show women actually doing something,” she said. “You have to read something you feel good about.”

You don’t have to banish the classics, but why not read something different this summer? These books showcase diversity and the importance of equality through gripping, emotional, must-read narratives.

Schools adding more books by women and people of color to their reading curriculums, including their summer book lists. And this one comes with some good suggested reads, too.


Call it the “anti-Kindle,” call it the “world’s largest book,” or call it “really hard to read,” there is no disputing that the expansive tome etched on over 700 stone slabs surrounding Myanmar’s glittering Kuthodaw Pagoda form a volume that would test even the most ardent book lover. 

The pictures probably do not do justice to just how huge the world’s largest book is.


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