Off-Panel: June 3, 2015

Our daily round-up of news around the comics space, from the gutters and beyond.

“On the heels of The Wicked + The Divine comic by Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie and Matt Wilson landing three Eisner Award
nominations, including best new series, the breakout books are headed to TV.”

I was at a craaazzyy conference all last week, so while I saw this news, I didn’t have time to process. A WicDiv TV show? We’ll take it.

“It’s no secret that the Eisner-winning Lumberjanes – by the crack creative team of Shannon Watters, Noelle Stevenson, and Brooke A. Allen – is one of the best comics of all time: it’s got all different kinds of kick-ass ladies, queer relationships, feminist name-dropping, supernatural evil, and hella radness. Well get stoked, because the Lumberjanes are coming to a big screen near you!”


“The whole point of the Hulkbuster is that it’s a suit that goes over Iron Man (well, that’s secondary to the point of it punching the Hulk, but you know what I mean) but so few of the myriad Hulkbuster toys have let you put a full Iron Man figure inside them. At last, King Art’s glorious Hulkbuster toy is changing that.”

There’s so much optimism and joy in this article. I love it.



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