Critical Linking for June 1st, 2015

It’s common for a writer to be hailed as revolutionary by a contemporary, a publisher, a reviewer or a peer — so common, in fact, that it’s tough to distinguish new gems from old tropes. And while “new” shouldn’t be the standard when judging whether a book is valuable or exciting, it’s worth noticing when an author challenges conventions, possibly enough to introduce new modes of storytelling.

These 10 writers shaking up the book world would make a heck of a summer reading project.


16% of black girls said they had read at least 10 books or more during the previous month, the highest reported figure among all ethnic groups of the children who responded.

I think this is the kind of statistic that might radically shake how some people understand who is reading.


Now Mr. Patterson is seeking to extend his brand even further, by creating his own publishing imprint, Jimmy Patterson.

The imprint, which will be part of Little, Brown & Company, will release eight to 12 children’s books a year, with a focus on middle grade and young adult fiction.

Mr. Patterson will oversee it all, choosing manuscripts and shaping the marketing plan for each title. He will publish four to six of his own children’s books a year under the new imprint, and will acquire books by other writers.

Hey Mr. Patterson, maybe some of your acquisitions should be about black girls?


While stores like Toole’s continue to struggle, independent bookstores overall are enjoying a mini-revival, with their numbers swelling 25 percent since 2009, according to the American Booksellers Association. Sales are up, too.

The indie bookstore growth story is slow, but steady.

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