The Week’s Most Popular Posts: May 18 – 22, 2015

Let’s take a look back at the most popular posts this week, here on Panels:

I too want more gay (and bi, lesbian, etc.) villains. Villains bring with them a certain caché and power fantasy that most heroes don’t. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I spend most of my adult days wishing I could topple oppressive power structures as Poison Ivy.

It’s not that there can’t be gay villains; it’s that they need to be handled with care. Inspired by Panelteer Marcy Cook’s piece “10 Rules For Making a Modern Transgender Superhero,” here’s a list of rules for anyone seeking to write a gay villain (super or otherwise).

from 7 Rules for Making A Modern Gay Villain by Jon Erik Christianson


A week removed from the debut of Mad Max: Fury Road and having touched Valhalla only to be left sputtering in its dust, you’re already suffering the pangs of guzzaline withdrawal. But don’t outfit your Jetta with tiki torches and bear traps just yet, War Boys and War Girls; there are other ways to sate that lust for speed and glory. Sniping Rakks and butt-stomping skags in Borderlands 2 is one way to go about it, but when your thumbs get too numb for video games, and you’ve exhausted the rest of the George Miller film cannon, there are plenty of comics imperative for every imperator in the making.

from Comics Recommendation Engine: Mad Max: Fury Road by Hélène


Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie’s The Wicked + The Divine was one of my (and probably everyone’s) stand out comics of 2014. I can’t remember a series that has had me on tenterhooks this often and I credit it and Lumberjanes with getting me back into reading comics as they come out each month.  I was really surprised to see that we at Panels hadn’t already done a Dream Cast for the series but I was more than happy to fill that gap and so I have put together a list of who I think might be rather good at playing the characters were there ever to be a big (or small) screen adaptation of these comics.

from The Wicked + The Divine Dreamcast by Hattie Kennedy




from Archie #1 Variants (Or, Even Moar #HotArchie) by Preeti Chhibber


Female creators and creative teams are becoming more common in comics (about time), not only among stand-alone graphic novels and ongoing series, but lady creators are banding together to create anthologies that push the envelope of both plot and creativity. None of these suggestions should be missed.

from Read Harder Recommendations: Comics by An All-Female Team by Andi Miller


I really am trying hard not to lose faith in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and its attitude towards the women it portrays. I really am. This is not me not trying. But on more than one occasion over the past months it has felt like they are trying to alienate and annoy their feminist fans.

from How Hasbro and Marvel Are Making Me Feel . . . by Hattie Kennedy

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