5 Ways to Bring a Little Bookishness to Your Outdoors

Gardening is weird and magical and weird. You put DEAD THINGS into the DIRT and then FOOD comes out.

what is this sorcery gifTruly, gardening is the iphone of our times.

This is my third summer gardening, and I just put in some seed potatoes because I am a fucking homesteader now. So obviously I’m going to be outside every damn day this summer, gazing upon my horticulture, and duh, my books are coming with me. Books are indoorsy beasts, but there are ways to coax them outside.

Book nooks. Nothing says cozy outdoor reading like a little shade, a few blankets, a place to put your drank. There are lots of diy nooks for little persons made out of like hula hoops and bed sheets, but if I’d my druthers I’d get someone to whip me up one of these.

heaps of cushions reading nookHeaps of cushions are my jam. (Photo credit)

Brick books. These dudes is waterproof. You can have a whole faux-bookshelf going along your fence or around your garden or I don’t know, standing in your lawn like little literary sentries.

books painted like bricksPhoto credit

Little Free Libraries! Fight the system that wants us to not have these tiny, glorious bastions of sharesies. There are some mad adorable ones out there.

little free librariesLoooooook at themmmmmmmm. (Photo credit)

I like to make meticulous notes about my garden every year because of nerdness (HOW ELSE AM I GOING TO KNOW HOW MANY TOMATOES I HARVESTED LAST YEAR, RIDDLE ME THAT), and I keep those nerd notes in an Ex Libris upcycled notebook. They take vintage book covers and spiral bind them with blank pages.

IMG_8153I am nothing if not super literal.

This next trick is less about bringing books outside and more about bringing the outside into your books, and if books are sacred objects to you, avert thine eyes because we gonna do some sacrilege.

book planter

Boom. Outdoors indoors.

How are you bringing your books outside? Besides just, like, bringing them?


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