The Week’s Most Popular Posts: April 27 – May 1, 2015

Let’s take a look back at the week that was here on Panels:

April saw an end to the six-year run of FX’s modern TV Western, Justified. The last shots have been fired over Harlan County and Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens has (figuratively; we won’t spoil the ending) hung up his hat. Viewers who have followed the ups and downs of this often quirky, sometimes gut-wrenching, always delightful show may be feeling a little bereft right now.

Here are some comics recommendations to get you through the mourning period.

from Five Comics to Read If You Miss Justified by Caroline Pruett


I have two nieces, and a mission: these girls are going to read comics. Actually, my real mission is for all girls to at least give comics a shot.

The comics I’m listing here all have girls in the lead roles. I’m a big proponent of the idea that all comics are girl comics, but I also think it’s important to get to occasionally see yourself reflected in your media.

I also think it’s important for boys to read stories about girl characters, so this list is fair game for them, too.

Now, here’s a short  list of gateway comics for your Nerd-in-Training.

from Nerd Girl Recruitment Guide by Bri Rudd


I’ve always had a soft spot for hard science fiction. The type of sci-fi that plays within the rules of physics (okay, maybe bending them slightly) and presents our heroes with the realities and mundanities of space travel. From the books of Arthur C. Clarke and Carl Sagan all the way to movies like Moon and Interstellar, I’ve been drawn to stories about the wonder and awe of space. Andy Weir’s The Martian tells the story of an astronaut stranded on Mars with little hope of rescue. Using the tools at hand to eke out a life for himself, Mark Watney sets about surviving in the confines of his prefab enclosure. Watney confronts isolation, diminishing resources and the perils of living on another planet head-on with a sense of sardonic humor and the determination to survive. The Martian utilizes the best of hard sci-fi and survivalist fiction to tell a story about the majesty and terror of space and these comics all take me back to Acidalia Planitia right along with Watney and his potato farm.

from Comics Recommendation Engine: The Martian by Brian McNamara


If this is your first time going to a comics shop or just heading to one for FCBD, don’t be scared! Everyone’s there because they love comics, and you might even make a new friend or two. It’s a big event for comics shops each year because it means potential new customers, too. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to check out that store you’ve been meaning to go to but haven’t wanted to wander in alone on a random day. Free comics is the best excuse to get your butt in that store and grab a few new books without even having to take out your wallet.

from Your Guide to Free Comic Book Day by Kristina Pino


No, when you have almost no representation at all, no voice at the table, you need positive representation first. You need to build up the goodwill and increase the number of characters from marginalized groups, so not just one or two characters are shouldering the representation of whole segments of society. Those first characters have to be positive heroes, before making marginalized people villains. Over the years imperfect representation has killed many trans people, both directly and indirectly. Marginalised sections of society cling to any positive representation we get because it’s so rare. It shouldn’t be this way anymore, we could change this now; hey publishing houses – hire some trans writers.

from On Imperfect Representation vs No Representation by Marcy Cook



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