Off-Panel: April 21, 2015

This post originally appeared on Panels, which is now Book Riot Comics

Our daily round-up of news around the comics space, from the gutters and beyond.

“Word around the outer rim is Ortobix, the company behind the Sphero robotic ball, helped create the rolltastic BB-8 Droid from the upcoming Star Wars movie. And ever since BB-8 rolled across the stage at last week’s Star Wars convention, I’ve wanted one. Well, someone with a bit more gumption than I hacked together a tiny BB-8 from a Sphero and it’s fantastic.”

I’m a little in disbelief that Panelteer Paul hasn’t done this yet.

“Eternal feuds, reincarnation, lost civilisations, underworld drama – what more could anyone want?”

This 21 Indian graphic novels list is pretty great. I’ve read some of these, and the ones I haven’t just went on my list.

“There’s a long-standing debate in feminism about sexual empowerment: How do we know when someone is being sexually liberated versus being sexually objectified, since they sometimes can look similar from the outside?”

This is amazing.

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