The Week’s Most Popular Posts: April 6 – 10, 2015

Let’s take a look back at the week that was, here on Panels:


Superman is about hope. After reading Pak and Kuder’s Action Comics and giving Pak and Lee’s Batman/Superman a try I have hope again. The Bat books are going strong, Superman seems to be headed in the right direction and I get to be excited about Gene Luen Yang stepping up to the plate to write the Big Blue Boyscout.

I needed this. If I’m going to invest the time and attention that I do to comics and superhero comics in particular, I need to be able to point to a smiling Superman, even if he’s surrounded by darkness and chaos. He should be the shining light at the center of it all, and I think I can safely say that’s the case now. Superman is back. Now let’s see what we can do about getting him out of that armor.

from How I Came Back to Superman by Chris Rohling


The comics universe is huge. There is room for all kinds of readers. Reading opens up our narrow world views and teaches us about things that are different than us, things that might be strange and scary, but that make us better people for having considered them. That’s an amazing and weighty power, and it’s something to be celebrated. If you are interested in the hows and whys of that, and how diversity in comics makes things better, then you are already an integral part of the Panels community, and we’re so happy you’re along for the ride.

from Diversity: There’s Plenty of Room in the Comics Sandbox by Swapna Krishna


baby groot austin


from Baby Groot Takes Austin and Joshua Tree by Swapna Krishna


After exploring so many scenarios in so many possible worlds, the series seems to move to a higher level, one that breaks down any conventional ideals about sexuality and celebrates not just tolerance or acceptance, but true love of that which is alien. It’s an open-hearted place, a place without shame, a place of ultimate possibility. Maybe it’s no coincidence that it was during XXXenophile’s run that Foglio met and married his wife, Kaja, with whom he now creates the astoundingly popular Girl Genius comic. Maybe if you look past doubt and just give the world what you want, and you might find that the world shares your desires, no matter how messy, bizarre, or improbable. The world just might give you exactly what you need in return.

from XXXenophile: Nerdgasms and Geekrotica by Monica Friedman


Historically, line-wide events predicated on nostalgia (which is a great many of them) often neglect the publisher’s queer characters. The nostalgia is based in the company’s old stories, and it’s generally accepted that queer people weren’t invented until recently—or something.

With Convergence, that’s not quite the case. DC has just enough queer characters in just enough spaces for there to be pretty decent representation across the board (except for transgender characters, unfortunately). Find out where to read ‘em here!

from Queer Characters in DC’s Convergence Event by Jon Erik Christianson




from Comics Fetish: Volume 26 by Kristina Pino

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