Off-Panel: April 9, 2015

Our daily round-up of news around the comics space, from the gutters and beyond.

“What would happen if Pietro Maximoff, better known as the mutant Quicksilver, ran right past you? With a little help from the Muppets, the folks at Vsauce explain the consequences of a close encounter with Quicksilver at top speed — and it wouldn’t be pretty.”

I LOVE THE MUPPETS. That is all.

“Last month, digital comics retailer Comixology did a buy one, get one free sale for any and all Marvel titles. Who made the top 10? Hint: it wasn’t Wolverine.”

This is the best. It makes me so happy because things like this mean more female-led titles.

“The new promotion in question allows interested comic shops to trade 20 unsold issues of Marvel’sStar Wars #1 for a copy of the new Barb Wire series with a rare cover by artist Adam Hughes. That specific variant is only being made available through this trade-in promotion.”

Okay, when I got this press release on April 1, I thought it HAD to be a joke. Apparently not?


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