6 Super-Fun Bookish Parody Songs

We enjoy a good parody around these parts, and a bookish parody really revs our engines. I shared my favorite (short form) Harry Potter parodies, and we’ve rounded up some of the best librarian-led song parodies in the past. Here are a few more super-fun parodies that have popped up on my radar recently.

George R. R. Martin’s Blank Page


Here’s a classic from Paul & Storm – Write Like the Wind – and here’s George’s reaction to it when they performed at w00TStock 5.0.


The Hunger Games Musical:  Mockingjay Parody – Katniss’ Song


Gale and Peeta have feelings on the matter of who should end up with Katniss, too. Obviously.


It’s Still Middle Earth to Me


So I have a weakness for Billy Joel. Sue me. My other favorite is on a whole different end of the spectrum. Check out The Hobbit: An Unexpected Parody.


Red Wedding


More 80s music. I know. I know.  Here’s a take on the Red Wedding that is a little different. Surprisingly, no singing.


Dr. Seuss vs. Shakespeare: Epic Rap Battle


And here’s Gandalf vs. Dumbledore. And Poe vs. Stephen King.


All About the Books, No Trouble


Because librarians are awesome.


BONUS:  I Ship It 


For all my fellow fanfic aficionados.


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