Critical Linking for April 2, 2015


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In 2014, revenue rose to 3.32 billion Euros.
That’s an increase of 25.2%.
The company published 15,000 new titles.
The catalogue now includes more than 100,000 ebooks. Dang.
Last year, the company sold 100 million digital books.

Penguin Random House seems to be turning into the publishing juggernaut everyone thought it would be.


Austen is far from superficial. Although her books are set exclusively within the confines of a certain class, she provides a fascinating picture of the ways of that slice of society and the confines within which its members, particularly women, are obliged to live. She is also extremely funny, able to paint the foibles of characters with a dry wit that has dated very little. Her books are intimate and compelling. She has a voice that somehow seems to chime even with a modern sensibility. She is, in essence, timeless.

A good long look at the enduring appeal of Jane Austen.


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