The Week’s Most Popular Posts: March 23 – 27, 2015

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Sandman is one of the most layered works in comics, concerning a host of otherworldly characters and what feels like a hundred disparate narrative elements that end up coalescing into a treatise on life and storytelling that is, to this day, the work of fiction that’s affected me the most.

from The Bottled Cities of Neil Gaiman by Michael Chasin


Marvel currently has three solo titles starring Spider women and their books are fantastic. If you’re new to comics, or to these particular characters, how can you tell these ladies apart? How is Spider-Gwen different from Jessica Drew’s Spider-Woman? Who is Silk? How did Gwen Stacey get spider powers? Why does Peter Parker exist in one world but not in the other? DOES THIS ALL TAKE PLACE IN THE SAME UNIVERSE???

Well, I can help lessen some of this confusion by breaking down these kick ass ladies. I don’t do this for the glory. I do this to help people get into these great books and that’s all the thanks I need (but if you can hook this girl up with spider abilities, that’s great too).

from The Spider Women Are Taking Over by Ardo Omer


Plus, variant covers are meant to be seen. They’re marketing materials. They only work to drive sales if you already know what they look like! That’s why publishers issue special press releases for variants with big name artists, and comic book shops display them in highly visible places. That Manara cover wouldn’t have come wrapped in brown paper; it would have been on the wall along with all the other collector’s items.

from Do Variant Covers Matter? by Jessica Plummer


Who else has been binge-watching stuff on Netflix? I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who lost a weekend to The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. She truly is unbreakable; trapped in a bunker for 15 years, and the first thing she does is try to make it in New York City. But while she’s running around trying to learn the latest slang, figure out the difference between a phone and a laptop, and keep her job, when does she have time to catch up on comics? It seems pretty likely that Kimmy is way behind, since all she’s read for the last decade and then some is The Baby-Sitter’s Club. Let’s get her started, shall we?

from Comics for Kimmy Schmidt by Jenn Northington


A few years ago, my first thought upon hearing “sex in comics” would have been of women as objects, on display in tight latex outfits with shrunken waistlines and unnecessary boobage. As much as that is still a reality, I was happy to see once I got over the hump *ahem* of reading my first comic that there are sex-positive comics and women telling their own stories about love and sex in honest and funny and touching ways. And now I’m hooked.

from Read ‘Em: Comics About Sex by Gina Nicoll


Y’know those articles and quizzes that diagnose what kind of reader you are? I’m a hybrid, for sure, but “hate reader” is no small part of the mix. I was an English major. I’ve been in half a dozen book clubs. I like to pick apart the books I read. I like to shred them to pieces and then put them back together. Know what I hate about Y: The Last Man? It’s pretty much perfect.

from It’s All Brian K. Vaughan’s Fault by Becca Sexton

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