Off-Panel: March 23, 2015

Our daily round-up of news around the comics space, from the gutters and beyond.

The fact that Gal Gadot is a slim lady seems to be…well, besides the point, in this case. I am much more interested in how they treat her character onscreen. I am much more interested in her performance and what she does to make Diana her own. I’m even interested in her costuming and her makeup, but I’m not nearly as interested in the body that will inhabit those things. We’ll get our first glimpse with Batman v Superman of if Gadot can master Wonder Woman, and that’s what I am waiting to see. And I have a feeling what makes or breaks it won’t be her measurements.”

Let’s stop judging actresses based on their bodies and focus on the things Gal Gadot will bring to the role.

“It’s 9:30 at night and I have yet to finish an article that’s due in the morning. I should be polishing up my rough draft and checking facts, or at the very least, stressing about it with a glass of scotch in my hand. Instead, I’m two hours deep into playing with LEGOs. And I have no intention of stopping.”

What’s it like to assemble a 3,000 piece Lego Helicarrier? Thankfully, someone’s done it for us.

“There are numerous levels of comics fandom, ranging from the casual fan who picks up the occasional issue and watches the television shows and movies to the devotee, who tracks down entire runs of series and collects original art.

And then there’s the level of fan who would have an entire apartment designed in an Avengers theme.”

I mean I don’t even know what there is to say about this Avengers-themed apartment. The pictures speak for themselves.


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