Off-Panel: March 17, 2015

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“The collection, which is nearing a thousand pieces in volume, includes comics ranging from tales of South Asian religion and mythology to Western-influenced superhero plots. Some are printed in English while others are written in Hindi and Bengali scripts.”

Clearly I have an interest in South Asian comics, and this is great.

“We’re explaining why the cover is harmful in the context of a publisher trying to bring in and retain female readers. We’re explaining why this cover will alienate many readers. We are well within our rights to call for a change, just like DC Comics is well within its rights to ignore us, because that’s how it works.”

Panelteer Ardo Omer has some thoughtful and interesting things to say about the Batgirl cover and censorship over at Women Write About Comics.

“A man dressed as Spider-Man is spinning a web of kindness toward the homeless in the city of Birmingham in England. The BBC reports  the 20-year-old man, who works as a bartender by day, buys sandwiches from a local supermarket and hands them out to the city’s homeless one or two times a week during the night hours.”

This is amazing and wonderful.


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