The Week’s Most Popular Posts: March 9 – 13, 2015

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What is it about Lucy Knisley that provokes such fangirlism? A combination of things, really. First and foremost, she is a journaler, a process I find fascinating. By letting the reader exist within a collection of her memories and adventures, it’s easy to feel like we know her, and to know her is to love her. Her books are mostly illustrated journals, and they exist somewhere in the realm of memoir, travelogue, and cookbook. I also have a soft spot for all of these topics, and her artwork, while rounded and cute (a complete compliment), is also heartfelt and pensive. Everything she publishes is a joy to read.

Where to start? Let’s dive in…

– from Get Started With My BFF, Lucy Knisley by Andi Miller


A night like this is a community builder. Staff, longtime comic readers and new ones have a place to celebrate and discuss what they like in a friendly environment. It feels really good when you see people who just met exchanging phone numbers and deciding to get together. It is also a way to run into people you did not know liked comics. I once crossed paths with a work colleague who I had no idea read comics. This has been the beginning of a great friendship.

– from Tonight Is Ladies’ Night by Hélène


Because see, the current run of Black Widow is not just one of the best books Marvel has going, but it’s also the best path toward a stand-alone Black Widow movie. As of now, Marvel has nine films scheduled for release between today and May of 2019, and although Scarlett Johansson’s Natasha will certainly show up in at least a few of those, she isn’t in line for her own feature yet. To me, the only obvious hurdle left is what to do about the story. I imagine that somewhere at Marvel HQ there’s an enormous corkboard covered in pushpins, yarn, and index cards that details exactly how the various elements of the MCU intersect and how they’ll relate to each other as time goes on. I’m sure it’s all very complicated. And that’s exactly why Marvel Now!’s Black Widow would work on screen: it’s almost entirely disconnected from the enormous web – no pun intended – of narrative complexity that has to be carefully maintained for the planned slate of Marvel movies to work.

– from Black Widow and The Marvel Cinematic Universe by Josh Corman


From the very beginning, Marvel has taken one of the most important characters of Scandinavia’s pagan cultural heritage and introduced changes that serve their purposes in telling a story. Placed within this context, the decision to gender-swap Thor is not such a strange thing. As a fan of Marvel’s Thor, I have accepted a lot of changes to the character I know from Norse mythology. In time, I will probably grow accustomed to this one as well.

– from Marvel’s Thor and The Appropriation of a Cultural Heritage by E. H. Kern


Do you know your Captain Cold and Killer Frost from your Mr. Freeze and Cool Hand Luke?

– from Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Cold-Hearted Supervillains? (Advanced Difficulty) by Paul Montgomery


For me, writing isn’t just about writing what I know. It’s about writing to understand what I don’t know. To take in those different voices, and to try to find a story that gets at something bigger than just me. It’s a bit scary for writers, but I think it’s worthwhile.

– from Make Comics: Writing Outside My Shoes by Dave Accampo

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