Oh, Comics! Podcast #19: The South Asia Comics Scene

Oh, Comics! is a weekly chat show about the wild and wooly world of comics, hosted by Paul Montgomery and Preeti Chhibber.

Oh, Comics! Episode #19: The South Asia Comics Scene
Preeti and Swapna discuss the new Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer and explore the rich comics culture of South Asia.

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Show Notes:

We discussed a lot of comics in this episode. If a comic you want to know more about isn’t mentioned here, leave a comment or hit us up on social media!

Krishna: A Journey Within – Abhishek Singh
The Fifth Beatle – Vivek Tiwary
Ramayan 3392 AD – Shamik Dasgupta and Deepak Chopra
Kari – Amruta Patil
18 Days – Grant Morrison and Mukesh Singh
Priya’s Shakti
Bloody Nasreen, a character by Shahan Zaidi
Burka Avenger
Chakra the Invincible
Amar Chitra Katha

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