Critical Linking: March 1, 2015

7. A book is an object fixed in time. 
A book can tell us about its status in history. If we look through first editions of Moby Dick or Leaves of Grass, we find that they give away information not only about when they were created, but also about the worlds in which they were created, by way of advertisements, bindings, the quality of their paper, and watermarks on that paper. Such components are often not captured by scanning or are flattened out to make them of negligible use. In Nicholson Baker’s Double Fold—his saga about how libraries microfilmed runs of newspapers in the 1950s and 1960s and then discarded them—one of his chief complaints was that the filmers skipped advertising supplements and cartoons: things that had been deemed unimportant. 
I generally find the print vs. ebook discussions boring, but sometimes, it’s interesting to see a take on why print books matter (not necessarily why they’re better, but why they’re important).

Marconi said the town knew all along it wanted to preserve the Philip Johnson building and an adjoining auditorium, and after Sendak’s death, many in the affluent town of 25,000 people on the New York line had the same idea to use it as a Sendak museum. The building has skylights over main circulation areas and despite a few roof leaks is considered to be in decent shape despite being vacant for so long.
There’s a potential Maurice Sendak museum in the works.

holland bookstore
I never get tired of looking at pictures of great bookstores around the world. Worth the slideshow.

Not even 5,000 candles in the wind could fill the hole in our hearts left by the end of “Parks and Recreation.” But wouldn’t it be great if we could comfort ourselves in its wake with the books that appeared throughout the series? Almost entirely phony, the titles alone were like bacon-wrapped steak to Ron Swanson. Here we’ve assembled a “Parks and Recreation” bibliography – complete with two in-office pamphlets and a handful of real books embraced by key characters.
A bibliography of (mostly fake) books from Parks & Recreation. I’ll miss this show.

Which books should you read next based on your zodiac sign?
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