The Week’s Most Popular Posts: February 23 – 28, 2015

Let’s take a look back at the week’s most popular posts, here on Panels:

Let’s face it, you can’t swing a dead tribble around a comic book shop or forum without someone talking about the new female Thor (known here and in the comics as simply ‘Thor’). Jason Aaron’s Goddess of Thunder has shaken up the Marvel Universe and its readership in the past few months as everyone wonders just who she is. Immediately he has lain down the framework of what promises to be a mystery for both the reader and the Odinson (the new name of the original ‘Thor’) for many months. But to be honest, they may have given away too much too early.

from Speculation Station: Thor and the Unworthy by Dana Silver



Did you just say “I sea,” like, sea like the ocean?


I cannot see the ocean from here. Can you see the ocean from here, with your mighty powers of sight?

No, I…you know what, never mind.

from Sneak Peek! Batman vs. Superman: Prawn of Justice by Jessica Plummer


So how will Annalise, her scrappy band of One-L’s, and their copious character flaws occupy themselves during the off-season? Assuming they survive, they may finally have time for some recreational reading (even if they have to do it in a jail cell). So let’s spread the love of comics by making some reading suggestions — recreational and sometimes educational — for the HTGAWM ensemble.

from How to Get Away with . . . Comics? by Caroline Pruett


There are some characters that would be totally fine in an R-rated context. The Punisher makes sense to be R-rated. Deadpool could easily be R-rated. Even the Suicide Squad,  a team of villains with a movie on the way next year, could appropriately be R-rated. But you wouldn’t make an R-rated Spider-Man, you shouldn’t make an R-rated Wonder Woman, and there should never ever be an R-rated Batman.

from Batman Is (or Should Be) for Everyone by Scott Carelli




from Crossing the Streams: Richie Rich & New Kids On The Block by Jeff Reid


We are currently in the window for Hugo Award Nominations. And, Gentle Reader, you may or may not already know, there is a Best Graphic Story category.

Comics, my friends. Comics are eligible for Hugo Awards. Don’t you want to see the best comics earn awards?

from Comics and the Hugo Awards by Sigrid Ellis


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