Inbox/Outbox: February 27, 2015

In Inbox/Outbox, we document the rhythm of readers’ lives by sharing comics we acquired, the comics we finished, and the next comics we plan to read each week.

black-hood-1Inbox (Comics Acquired)

The Black Hood #1 by Duane Swierczynski, Rachel Deering, Kelly Fitzpatrick, and Michael Gaydos (Dark Circle Comics)

We covered this awhile ago here at Panels, and it intrigued me then. Now that it’s shown up at my house, it looks even more interesting. There have been lots of good series debuting lately, and this certainly seems to be one of them.

Preacher, Book One by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon (Vertigo)

No, I have not read Preacher yet, but I’ve heard from basically everywhere that it’s amazing, so it’s pretty high on my list.

Attack on Titan 1 by Hajime Isayama (Kodansha Comics)

I’m trying to explore more manga, and this is a series I’ve been really looking forward to. I know it’s also a series I can stream on Netflix, but I’ve always been a read-before-watching sort of person.

Outbox (Comics Finished)

orphan-black-1Orphan Black #1 by John Fawcett, Jody Houser, Graeme Mason, Szymon Kudranski, and Kat Staggs (IDW Publishing)

I love the TV series, so I was eagerly anticipating the Orphan Black comics. After reading, though, I’m not quite sure how I feel. The first issue was a bit uneven; it had to set up the universe for those who hadn’t seen the TV show, so it felt redundant. I’m intrigued enough to stick with it, though, as it’s supposed to dive into the backstories of the Clone Club.

Sex Criminals, Vol. 1 by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky (Image Comics)

I was already in the middle of this when the news about House DeFraction on TV was announced this week, so it felt fortuitous. What can I say about this excellent comic that hasn’t already been said? Not much, but I’ve really been enjoying saying “Sex Criminals is coming to TV, and not the Dateline kind.” That will never get old.

In the Queue (What I’m Reading Next)

spider-gwenSpider-Gwen #1 by Jason Latour and Robbie Rodriguez (Marvel Comics)

I haven’t read much Spider-Man but I’m intrigued by Spider-Gwen for multiple reasons, and that amazing cover by Ramon Perez is one of them.

Exquisite Corpse by Pénélope Bagieu (First Second, May 5)

So this doesn’t come out until May, but it’s a graphic novel about a young woman who finds a world-famous author hiding in her apartment. If that isn’t strange enough, the author’s supposed to be dead, but he really just faked his death so he could cash in on the “found” manuscripts. First of all, with the ridiculous number of those that have been in the news lately, this is timely, and second, with that description, why wouldn’t I want to read this book

How about you? What comics did you read this week?


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