12 Creative Examples of Bookish Advertising

On my evening commute through the city of Houston, I pass a billboard that looks a lot like this:

Book People Unite

In a city that is regularly ranked as one of the country’s least literate (56 out of 77 in last year’s rankings), a billboard that reminds people of the fundamental importance of reading is a pretty awesome sight. Every time I drive by, it makes me smile. It also makes me wonder why I don’t see more bookish advertising. I dove into the depths of the internet (I googled it), and I found more than a few examples.

Notably, most of the examples out there are from other countries. Some are for bookstores, some for libraries, others for literacy organizations.  There’s even one for a restaurant – located in a library. Here are eleven of my favorites:


Literacy Foundation, designed by Bleublancrouge (Canada)


Book Biennial of Pernambuco, designed by Coletivodedois (Brazil)

Typographic Superhero

Personal Project, designed by Jake Roberts (New York)



Livronauta Comics and Old Books, designed by Yeah! (Brazil)


P.P. McGuinness, designed by Whybin/TBWA (Australia)


Pulp Books, designed by Lowe and Partners (South Africa)


Colsubsidio Book Exchange, designed by Lowe/SSP3 (Colombia)

Words Create Worlds

Anagram Bookshop, designed by Kaspan (Czech Republic)

Become Someone Else

Mint Venetu, designed by Love Agency (Lithuania)


Stiematzky, designed by ACW Grey (Israel)

New Taste for Knowledge

Mo’Men, designed by DDB Cairo (Egypt)


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