The Week’s Most Popular Posts: February 16 – 20, 2015

Here’s a look back at the week that was, here on Panels:

I finally went up to the desk, introduced myself, and asked about setting up a pull list. He printed off the list and handed it to me, letting me know that I had to choose a minimum of 10 titles, and that my box had to be picked up once a month. It was simple and easy (okay, the PROCESS was easy. The decision of what to actually put on my pull list was slightly agonizing), and there were no side eyes.  It was just . . . not a big deal.

And now I have my very own comic book store.

from Adventures of a Comic Book Newbie: My First Pull List by Swapna Krishna


For most of my life I’ve avoided superhero comics. In truth, they just weren’t a part of my growing up years. I watched plenty of superheroes as a kid–from the 1960s Batman to the studly Christopher Reeve in Superman (my first crush, when I was three)–but when it came to reading, I’ve always preferred the non-traditional superhero. Whether it’s an unusual challenge they must overcome, a break from gender norms, or a regular person (or animal) suddenly turned super, I’m game. However you choose to define “non-traditional” is your biz and there are plenty of options out there, but while you’re mulling it over here are some picks from our Panelteers.

from Read Harder Recommendations: Non-Traditional Superheroes by Andi Miller


average number of comics read survey reading habits 2014 image

from 2014 Reading Habits Survey Results


To borrow the metaphor from Dave’s post who described the first issue as feeling like someone finding a lost recording of the original band, my brain does not want to accept these new tracks as genuine. If such a recording existed we would have known about it. Here, if such important things had happened in between the movies, they would have been part of the main story. They would have been included in the movies, not part of the ellipses. I think the reason I liked Brian Wood’s Star Wars is that it made sense that the kind of adventures Luke, Han, and Leia were having had happened off screen. I like these comics because I could believe they took place in between the movies without me knowing about them until now.

from Why the New Star Wars Comic Is Not For Me by Hélène


comic book wall decal

from Comics Fetish: Volume 19 by Brenna Clarke Gray


Not to take away any of Hickman’s thunder, but I THINK that the playlist that I whipped up while reading this book significantly contributed to how much I enjoyed it. This playlist might not be for everyone, theres a little space rock (of course), a little shoe gaze, a little classic rock, a little psychedelic, a little instrumental. Even if that stuff normally doesn’t float your boat (or spaceship), give it a go anyway!

from Graphic Playlist: Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman by Eric Margolis

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