Critical Linking: February 20th, 2015


So, to supplement all those hypermasculine lists (which, of course, feature incredible literature!), we asked women from the HuffPost newsroom to suggest books they believe men should read. Here are 22 books we recommend all men (and women!) should read:

I never know what to make lists like this list of 22 books all men should read, except that I am always looking for something I haven’t heard of.


In January, the Japanese author began soliciting and responding to reader-submitted questions. Murakami’s website is in Japanese, but we translated some of the best back-and-forths. It’s weird — and weirdly charming — stuff. 

This just seems so very Murakami.


So I try to write stories that tell the truth about hard things because kids need to know it; the world is hard and it will kick your ass if you’re not careful.

The great Laurie Halse Anderson.


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