Book Fetish: Volume 147

Custom Library Sign: Whether you want to pay tribute to your favorite public library, or invent your own (Hogsmeade Public Library, anyone?), you need a distressed sign to show it off.

custom public library sign

Divergent Tattoo Tee: I love non-obvious fandom tee shirts; there’s a certain bar for entry. So this tee shirt that mimics Tris’ tattoos is pretty genius.

divergent tris tattoo tee shirt front

divergent tris tattoo tee shirt back

Paperback Stacks Wallpaper: Freak out your guests with the precarious nature of this bookish illusion and luxuriate in the feeling of being surrounded by books without actually sacrificing floor space.

paperback wallpaper


Harry Potter Skirt: Just in case you’re ever without reading material, you’ll always have the first chapter of Sorcerer’s Stone to read again and again.

harry potter chapter one skirt

Book Heartbeat Tee Shirt: It keeps the blood pumping.

book heartbeat tee shirt tshirt


In the market for the most romantic shirt in the history of shirts? You can get it at the Book Riot Store! 


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