Off-Panel: February 18, 2015

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“Since the new, female Thor was first announced last July, the character’s true identity has remained a much-speculated about mystery. It looks like that’ll change with May’s Thor #8 by writer Jason Aaron and artist Russell Duaterman. The solicitation text promises story beats including ‘The final battle with the Destroyer’ — And oh yeah…Thor’s secret identity revealed at last!!!'”

Marvel’s 2015 solicitations are out, and it looks like we’ll FINALLY get Thor’s identity in May. I hope it’ll be worth the wait.

“Fighting alongside Captain America was a guy that looked like a chicken, a man in a full-body giraffe suit and a woman wearing a Browns helmet and holding a plastic trashcan shield. This is D.C. on a snow day.”

Yup, the Captain showed up to an epic DC snowball fight yesterday.

“March’s ‘Women of Marvel’ covers in celebration of Women’s History Month are a great showcase of some of the most talented artists in the business — and hopefully a promise that these women will be overwhelmed with Marvel work in the months that follow!”

I like the idea behind this, but I like the possibility that this means more women generally drawing Marvel Comics even more!


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