Off-Panel: February 17, 2015

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“Team Banmikasu’s manga adaptation of the Koran, Manga de Dokuha: Koran (Reading Through with Manga: The Koran), will ship in Japan on Sunday. The adaptation of the Islamic religious text will be the latest installment in Japanesepublisher East PressManga de Dokuha series of classic literature.”

Yup, yup, I find this fascinating and will hope against hope that it comes to the United States.

“But all of the things that worked or sort of worked were the kind of things that could have easily been applied to a more interesting and original story and script. In fact, while I was watching [Jupiter Ascending] my mind kept leaping to similarly “epic” sci-fi and fantasy comics would have made far better sci-fi movies if given 176 million dollars.”

Well I haven’t seen Jupiter Ascending, but I definitely like this list. (Sidenote: We are really invested in the idea of a Saga movie, to the point we dreamcasted it.)


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