Off-Panel: February 10, 2015

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“In the new video “Breaking Bat,” a petulant, needy and slightly dimwitted Dark Knight is inserted into scenes from Friends, Two and a Half Men, America’s Next Top Model and the aforementioned Breaking Bad and Freaks and Geeks, bringing with him barely contained rage, part of a knock-knock joke and more than a few F-bombs.”

Breaking Bat, people. BREAKING BAT.

“It’s hard not to read DC’s dependence on the various changes and reboots—which come with increasing frequency— as a foundering lack of direction by its editors and a loss of confidence in its creators . Somewhere, close to the top of its pecking order, decision-makers are steering by editorial fiat, insisting that they know what would read or sell better than the actual people creating the monthly adventures of the company’s characters.”

This is a longer read, but a fascinating one, on DC Comics’ history of rebooting, and what Friday’s announcement does (or doesn’t) mean for the universe.

“Call me sentimental, but just as superpowers, retcons and deaths that never stick, romance is as much apart of comicdom as any trope. Let’s be honest, with the majority of comics being superhero based, there does not seem to be a lot of  happily ever after for our favorite characters. However, on the rare occasions that such exist, DC, Marvel, Image and others have been able to craft some of the most iconic relationships.”

This Top 8 Couples in Comics list is awesome and fun and all the things we love.

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