Critical Linking: February 8, 2015

3) Go further and shift your reading habits. Early in the year, I had thought it would be interesting to try reversing the dismal national publishing statistics; that is, I would read 90% books featuring main characters of color and only 10% featuring white people. Unfortunately, that’s unrealistic for several reasons including the lack of books to fill that 90%, as well as my bookseller’s need to read to read a lot of what’s on publishers’ lists to make buying decisions. So what I came up with, what my experiment will be for 2015, is toRead 50/50. I think it’s very possible to alternate in this way, and I invite anyone interested to join me. Thanks to Zetta Elliott, I also just read Ebony Elizabeth Thomas’s Dark Fantastic blog post and learned about NCTE’s 2015 National African American Read In, a month-long reading invitational. Share your reading plan with friends. Share your passion!

You want to be better about talking diversity and reading diversely? Here are simple, straight-forward things you can be doing right now.


February is Black History Month. CBC Books recommends these 10 great books by great Canadian writers.

Get reading.


“Before I can live with other folks I’ve got to live with myself.”

How about 8 great quotes from To Kill A Mockingbird?


Where music goes, technologically speaking, audio books soon follow. We’ve had audio books on vinyl LP, on cassette tape, on CD, and on MP3, just like we’ve had music. Now that so many of us pull up our daily jams on Spotify, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we can do a fair bit of our “reading” there as well.

Get your listening on with this list of 60 classic books you can listen to on Spotify.


George R.R. Martin’s initial plan for his A Song of Ice and Fire books was very different from the story we’ve come to love in print and on TV—as you can see from the original outline he sent to his publisher. According to, the three-page outline was posted on Twitter from the account of British bookseller Waterstones. Though the tweet has since been deleted, the outline’s authenticity was reportedly confirmed by the HarperCollinsUK account.

This one has spoilers aplenty, but if you want to know what some of the original plans were for Martin’s epic fantasy series, this one is for you.


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