The Week’s Most Popular Posts: February 2 – 6, 2015

Let’s take a look back at the week that was here on Book Riot. . .

Emma Watson, our very own Hermione, has been cast to play Belle in a new live-action adaptation of Disney’s stage musical (which was an adaptation of the 1991 animated film, Beauty and the Beast, which has one of the best libraries EVER in it). And this got us thinking:  what book recommendations would we give to a modern-day Belle:  a girl with a few father issues, a girl who shirks marriage and provincial living for dreaming and reading, a girl who encounters magic and talking furniture, a girl who falls in love with a beast? Here’s our list of book recommendations for a modern-day Belle.

from Book Recommendations for a Modern-Day Belle by Dana Staves


6. But what does it all mean?

It means that Lee is a complicated woman. It means end of life stuff is hard and messy. It means that To Kill a Mockingbird will still be the work that it is. It means that we will get a little more of Lee’s work, for good or for ill. Just as The Last Tycoon hasn’t diminished Fitzgerald or The Great Gatsby and Juneteenth hasn’t dimmed the brilliance of Invisible Man, I am not worried that To Kill a Mockingbird is in danger. If anything, more people will read and return to it than ever before. And that’s not a terrible thing.

from Uncollected Thoughts on the New Harper Lee Book by Jeff O’Neal


best in january riot roundup


from Riot Round-Up: The Best Books We Read in January


Last week The New York Daily News reported that a nine-year-old public school student in Kermit, Texas was suspended for making a “terroristic threat.”1 Now I know what you’re thinking and you’re right. Despite the fact that it is technically grammatically correct, the “–istic” in “terroristic” sounds completely superfluous and should never be uttered aloud. You might also be thinking that the world must be going to hell if nine-year-old kids are plotting acts of terror. This particular nine-year-old, surname Steward, even went so far as to smuggle his weapon of choice into the school. The weapon was The One Ring. You know, as in the One Ring to rule them all. Steward reportedly told another student he could make him disappear by placing the aforementioned ring on his head. According to Steward’s father, the principal of Kermit Elementary said, “threats to another child’s safety would not be tolerated.”

from Texas Student Suspended for Lord of the Rings “Terroristic Threat” by Kate Scott


I know- February. Sigh. The doldrums of winter, at least in my opinion. So what better way to make life less miserable than to read some awesome new releases?! Here are a few I’m making grabby hands for.

from 5 Books to Watch For in February by Rachel Cordasco




from 3 On A YA Theme: YA Book Adaptations Hitting Theaters Soon by Kelly Jensen

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