Marvel Creates an All-Female Avengers: “A-Force”

Marvel’s been teasing a big announcement. They’re saying it’s a big deal. We’ve heard rumblings and musings. So, what’s the big news?

Marvel’s creating an all-female Avengers called the A-Force. Yes, you hear that right. AN ALL FEMALE THE AVENGERS. And if that’s not enough? It’s written by G. Willow Wilson and Marguerite K. Bennett.

“Marvel Comics has gathered an all-female team of Avengers, who will begin saving the world this May. Fan favorite characters like She-Hulk, Dazzler, Medusa and Nico Minoru star in “A-Force,” a new monthly series that will follow these women as they fight evil. It’s written by G. Willow Wilson and Marguerite K. Bennett, with artwork from Jorge Molina.”


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