Critical Linking: February 6th, 2015


Part of the joy in writing this book came with the periodic discovery of unexpected facts about writers I thought I already knew so well. Here are 10 of the most surprising, counterintuitive, sometimes jaw-dropping facts:

The most delightful of these 10 strange facts about writers: Jack Kerouac never learned to drive.


AbeBooks has hit a new high with a book of birds. The online marketplace for new, used and rare books, launched in Victoria in 1995 and sold to Amazon in 2008, last month sold a rare Italian ornithology book for $191,000, obliterating the previous record of $65,000.

Sounds like this books is as much a work of art as it is a “book.”


Fans Recreated Westeros From ‘Game Of Thrones’ In ‘Minecraft’



Did you know that Book Riot has a YouTube channel? We do. It’s new and we are having fun with it. Check it out here.


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