Critical Linking: January 22nd, 2015


How Obvious Is Your Love Of Books? So you read a ton, cool. But can others tell that you’re a bookworm and bibliophile? Check off all that apply to you for this past year.

This “quiz” about the obviousness of loving books includes wearing your love of books on your sleeve. Literally.


VIDA: Women in Literary Arts, the nonprofit organization founded to raise awareness of gender equality issues in literary culture, announces that this year we will release a Women of Color VIDA Count as part of our annual VIDA Count data.

This should be really revealing and useful. VIDA has made a difference, and they are expanding their influence.


Last year, Spike TV announced that it would be producing a television series based on Red Mars, the first of Kim Stanley Robinson’s three novels about the terraformation and colonization of the red planet. Red Mars and the two novels that follow it, Green Mars and Blue Mars, are beloved by fans of “hard” science fiction for their take a detailed look at the scientific, political, and economic factors that go into establishing a society on a new world. Now Spike has hired veteran writer J. Michael Straczynski to adapt them for the small screen. Straczynski is probably best known as the creator of Babylon 5.

Wow, a Red Mars TV show. I will be checking this out.


We run a pretty sweet little bookish Instagram account, if we do say so ourselves (and we do). Come check it out.

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