The Week’s Most Popular Posts: January 12 – 16, 2015

Let’s take a look back at the week that was, here on Panels:

In the spirit of diversity and website sisterhood (or brotherhood, whatever), Andi Miller and I have crafted our own version of the Read Harder challenge, one designed to introduce you to new comics, new formats, and new creators you may never have known.

Below, you’ll find 26 challenge categories spanning the breadth and depth of all things that may be considered comics. Some may be right in your wheelhouse, while others may force you to hunt your local comic book shop, library, or digital vault for a great new book. Each challenge includes a link or two to some helpful lists*.

from The Panels 2015 Read Harder Challenge by Chris M. Arnone


These types of comments, and increasing instances of this “artwork turned me off so I bailed” attitude threw me into some serious reflection about my own preferences and the visceral reaction that can come along with reading comics. Unlike a prose selection, be it novel, short story, or something else with only-words-on-a-page, there’s a first-impression inherent in the comics reading experience that isn’t a part of the prose reading experience.

Despite that first impression that comics give, I have never turned down reading a comic because of the artwork. Am I in the minority on this one? I’d love to know what our Panels readers have to say.

from Would You Ditch a Comic Because of the Art? by Andi Miller


I’ve only read the first issue of Teen Dog, but something tells me it’s not exactly a continuity-heavy title. Jake Lawrence’s delightfully strange book is exactly what it says on the tin, and this issue in particular promises to be a musical issue. Since representations of music in a soundless medium like comics are always tricky to pull off, I’ll be interested to see how Lawrence handles it.

from What’s On Your Pull List? January 14, 2015 by Jennifer Margret Smith



So, guess who was super psyched back in May when Dynamite Comics announced a Bob’s Burgers tie-in comic? This girl! And guess who was super bummed when she realized in November that the initial run was ending in December? Also this girl!
There’s always a risk in adapting a story and its characters into a new medium, but this comic is seriously a perfect companion piece to the television show. It doesn’t try to be the show in comic form, but instead uses an anthology format, each issue written and drawn by a variety of creators, to highlight stories for each of the characters. And while the parents get cute one-page bits in between (like Bob’s notes for burger names and Linda’s letters to various magazines and companies), the stories themselves are about each of the Belcher kids: Tina, Louise and Gene.

from I’m Lovin’ It: Bob’s Burgers in Comic Form by Katie Schenkel


During the Q&A portion of a sold out appearance at WORD Bookstore Cafe in Jersey City last week, Patton Oswalt was asked to comment on Zack Snyder’s polarizing film adaptation of Watchmen. A reasonable request given the entertainer and author’s comic jurisdiction, but slightly awkward in the context of the evening. You can watch as Oswalt digests the question and realizes 1.) there’s a camera pointed at him, and 2.) he’s seated next to Patrick Wilson, who appeared in that very production as Nite Owl II…

Let’s watch.

from Video: Patton Oswalt Talks About Watchman with Patrick Wilson by Paul Montgomery



from Comics Fetish: Volume 14 by Kristina Pino


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