A Day in the Life of Baby Groot

This is Baby Groot.


Baby Groot lives in my office, but I don’t usually notice what he gets up to during the day while I’m working. However, he’s never where I left him, so I am PRETTY SURE he gets up to mischief when I’m not paying attention. I decided to set up a camera to follow Groot and see what, exactly, a day in the life of Baby Groot looks like.

Baby Groot wakes up in the morning, wide-eyed and ready to start his day.



Then Baby Groot goes and takes a bath . . . in one of my favorite dishes, no less!



Groot has to dry off. I always wondered why there were random splashes of water on my countertop. Now I know.


Now it’s fun time. Baby Groot decides to kick back with some old comics.



Baby Groot has a lot of friends among the other denizens of my office, but he also likes causing mischief. First, though, he needs to hone his battle skills so he can defend himself, should someone challenge him over his antics.


And now he’s ready. Groot doesn’t especially like the tactics of the Empire, and he loves tormenting Darth Vader every chance he gets.



Groot’s gotten tired from all the excitement. He’s ready for something laid back, so he puts on a familiar movie. He LOVES this scene.



The movie makes Baby Groot nostalgic. He misses his old friends, especially Rocket. He starts weirdly hanging out with this random guy, apparently unaware that this animal is actually a red panda and not a raccoon. Way to be awkward, Baby Groot.



Baby Groot has had a long, long day. He finishes it off by—what else?—getting his dance on!



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