Book Art Is Awesome: Organic Shapes

Previous book art posts have focused on a few select artists. This time, though, I wanted more.

There are just so many book artists creating beautiful organic shapes. I wanted deliciously creepy skulls and spines as well as whimsical goats and birds. Book art from galleried artists and students. Book art that was one of a kind and pieces that could be bought on Etsy.

I love how these shapes challenge our ideas of what a book should be or feel like or look like. All of them are so different, and yet, they’re all born from those bound objects with text that we adore so much.


Adventurer’s Diary by Souverein Post Production

Book art by Behance


Live Breathe Art book spine by Bronia Sawyer

Book art by Bronia Sawyer


modes of discourse 1 by Ehren Elizabeth Reed 

Book art by Ehren Reed


Placer by Andrew Hayes 

Book art by Andrew Hayes


Book of the Sea from Odelae Etsy shop 

Book art by Odelae


Billy Goat the Counselor by Sachiyo Yoshida

Book art by Sachiyo Yoshida


Flights of Mind by Vita Wells (in the Berkeley Public Library) 

Book art by Vita Wells

What other book artists do you love?

All images are from the artist websites linked to before each collection. 


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