The Week’s Most Popular Posts: January 5 – 9, 2015

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Let’s take a look back at the week that was, here at Panels:

Not everything Charlie Hebdo publishes is high art. Much of it, indeed, is puerile, facile, childish. We can look at a comic and be offended, disgusted, dismayed. We don’t have to like or agree with everything, or even anything, Charlie Hebdo publishes vis-a-vis religion or anything else. There are lots of very good think pieces out there today about the problems with what Charlie Hebdo has published over the years; we should read them and consider them thoroughly. We can discuss the notion that this is a racist publication or that it has published racist content. I wouldn’t necessarily disagree. It is important to remember: We don’t have to be Charlie Hebdo fans.

But we do have to stand with Charlie Hebdo in condemning violence that seeks to silence.

from Je Suis Charlie: We Must Stand with Charlie Hebdo by Brenna Clarke Gray


plush DC comics


from Comics Fetish: Volume 13 by Brenna Clarke Gray


Peggy gets all the hero angst, in other words, and she also gets the frustration of being disrespected by her male supervisors. She whacks bad guys in the face with a handy briefcase, and threaten a guy’s life with a fork, but she also explains to Maybe-Nice coworker that she is capable of picking her own battles. This is a much more subtle Peggy than the character who punched that soldier in the movie, and the story is richer for it.

from Marvel’s Agent Carter: A Story of Her Own by Caroline Pruett


It’s just a mess. I don’t understand what’s going on. I only barely understand his motivation for signing up to a life of crime-fighting (?) while wearing an outfit that makes him look like Kamen Rider that nobody will see because he’s… the size of an ant. What can he do once he’s ant-sized? Oh, cool, he can hop on the back of another flippin’ ant with wings. And then, the “funny” line at the end “One question: is it too late to change the name?” couldn’t have been any more tone-deaf. The entire trailer takes itself way too seriously, and then you toss in a weak “goofy” line like that and… what were they even trying to achieve?

from The First Ant-Man Teaser Trailer is Out and I Have Questions by Kristina Pino


Every month, we get simply slammed with new releases of comics. It’s not just the hardcover and paperback collections of the monthlies, either – there’s reprints, anthologies, translations, new-to-us imports, and original graphic novels and non-fiction. This is my monthly attempt to get past the big releases to the stuff you didn’t know you needed on your shelf.

from Graphic Novels and Collections to Look Out for in January by Josh Christie


Often, as interesting as any headlining character or superhero can be in a given comics series, I find myself wondering about the side characters. I wonder about where they came from, and how they look at situations we’re seeing from the hero’s perspective. I wonder about their lives before they met the hero character, or what they do when they’re off-panel.

from 6 Side Characters in Comics Whose Stories Should Be Told by Kristina Pino

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