Cool Maps of Fictional Literary Places

I love maps. Do you love maps? Cause I lurrrrrrve maps.

And when someone brings books and maps together, I basically have palpitations of joy. Now, I can’t read a street map to save my life, but I can pore over maps of cities, countries, and continents for hours. Perhaps it’s because these kinds of maps give me a much larger perspective on the world, reminding me of how diverse and beautiful the planet and its people are.

Maps of fictional places are mesmerizing in another way: they help me visualize entirely imagined worlds in new and fascinating ways. And thanks to talented artists and cartographers, such maps exist for our viewing and studying pleasure.

So without further ado, I give you a bunch of very cool maps of fictional places. Have fun! (Editor’s note: click to enlarge the images for more detail!)


Middle Earth



The world of Game of Thrones





Yoknapatawpha County

China Mieville’s Bas-Lag


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