Critical Linking: December 31st, 2014


In vocabulary, English is the richest modern language. It is constantly surprising even to those word gatherers among us who spend much time exploring dictionaries, especially the larger and older lexicons that harbor thousands of neglected words — words that may be a bit dusty but are none the worse for disuse.

A simply delightful little post on some of the overlooked and underused words in this weird language of ours.


I don’t have handy advice at the ready when they ask, but it’s gotten me thinking a bit about it, along with my larger reading habits. Here are some tidbits of insight into my reading habits, both for books and other things. So here you go. Eight minutes of reading about reading.

These tips aren’t complicated, but it’s amazing what a difference being mindful about wanting to read can make.


Author of the Year: John Green
Who: John Green, 37, author of The Fault in Our Stars
Why: He made it OK to cry, and laugh through the tears, about cancer. OK.

Really not sure who else you would pick. Green is now more than a force in the book world; he is a legitimate pop culture figure.


This is not to say that there aren’t some people out there that are terrible human beings. There are. And some people have shown conduct repeatedly online that is juvenile, immature, and  not worthy of debate. Ignore them. Answer the people you respect and admire and leave the others behind.

2014 saw quite a bit of nastiness in the online book world. Here’s to trying to make it a little better in 2015.


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