Critical Linking: December 18th, 2014, Evening Edition


Anthony Goldstein first appeared in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, according to the Harry Potter Wiki, and in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, in which he “fought in the Battle of Hogwarts.” His religion was never specified before today.

J.K. Rowling had a little Hanukkah present for HP fans.


To answer the question directly: No, no, a thousand times no. A writer should not respond to his or her critics. A writer should rise above, in radiant aloofness.

Damn fine advice.


About 6%. That was your child’s shot at being accepted to one of New York City’s gifted-and-talented programs this school year. A report out this morning from the city’s Independent Budget Office finds that 36,000 students took the test to get in—for only 2,200 kindergarten seats (and a handful in grades 1 to 3).

That’s lower than the average acceptance rate in the Ivy League. This city is nuts.


As local retailers adopt such mobile innovations, customers will be able to search stores’ inventories, purchase goods for same-day delivery, and navigate and search for help and reviews inside a crowded store. None of these technologies pose an existential threat to Amazon, but by giving physical stores some of the conveniences that Amazon has long had, they may limit its potential reach.

Amazon is at the size now where it’s size is as much as a hindrance as it is an advantage because there is room underneath it for smaller, nimbler, and more focused companies to operate.

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