The Week’s Most Popular Posts: December 8 – 12, 2014

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Let’s take a look back at the week that was, here at Panels…

US of comic book characters


from The United States of Comic Book Characters by Josh Christie


For starters, I didn’t ever realize Foucault knew Rocket and Starlord. I’d love to hear your best guesses on who-said-what; join me in the comments to discuss.

from Who Said It: Foucault or Groot? by Brenna Clarke Gray


comics fetish december 13 image


from Comics Fetish: Volume 11 by Brenna Clarke Gray


Duuuude, if you haven’t started reading Teen Dog, you’re missing outttt. That was the best Spicoli impression I can do in writing. It might’ve come off more Bill and Ted, but nevertheless, Teen Dog’s technicolor 90s fun is back in installment #4. There’s just no telling what he’ll be up to in this one since it’s a spring break issue, but there are sure to be kick flips, arcades, and plenty of sun.

from What’s On Your Pull List? December 10, 2014 by Andi Miller


Nearly everything I love about Catwoman goes back to Batman: The Animated Series. I was seven when the show started, sort of the perfect age to get pulled into a show like B:TAS (especially since my parents actually let me watch it as a child-friendly alternative to the ultra-violent Batman movies). And while many of the characters in the show are still my favorite versions of that character, that Selina Kyle was my Selina Kyle. She was smart and more than a little devious and out for herself. And yet (and yet) at the same time Selina was passionate about helping animals, especially cats, and many of her episodes focused on protecting animals. Her moral code might have been her own, but it was unshakable. The reason she teamed up with Batman so often in the show was because of that unshakable code of ethics. She had agency outside of mere greed and beyond her flirting with Batman.

from The Cat Came Back: On The New Selina Kyle by guest writer Katie Schenkel


Disney is soon releasing their film adaptation of Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine’s Broadway musical Into the Woods. Both the musical and the film feature a story which crosses over many famous pieces of folklore and fairy tales. If you or someone you know saw the film and wanted something similar, here are five recommendations.

from 5 Books to Check Out if You Love Into the Woods by Jeff Reid

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