Literary Stocking Stuffers: Bookmarks Edition

Bookmarks truly make a perfect gift. They can be tucked discretely into a book or a stocking. They are are a useful and necessary part of any bookworm’s collection. There’s no such thing as too many bookmarks – that would be like saying one has too many scarves; not possible. And if you (or those you might gift to) are anything like me, bookmarks have a way of disappearing. It never fails that I start a new book, then go to put it down and can’t find the bookmark I used before. I rummage for it, I check books, but alas, it’s gone for a time.

You know what would help in a situation like that? More bookmarks.

So with that in mind, here’s a list of great bookmarks from around the web, from the DIY to the ready to purchase, perfect for an extra treat for yourself or a fun gift for a friend or loved one.

Fabric Scrap Bookmarks

DIY Fabric Scrap Bookmarks

Harry Potter Bookmark Up to No Good

Harry Potter Bookmark

famous author bookmarks

Author Bookmarks (Set of 5)

Felt mouse bookmark

Miniature felt mouse. Because adorable.

Cat bookmark wire

Cat Bookmark

Fell asleep here spoon bookmark

Fell Asleep Here Spoon

doctor who tardis bookmark

Doctor Who Bookmark

gone with the wind bookmark

Gone with the Wind Bookmark

book nerd bookmark

Book Nerd Bookmark. Wear it proud. 


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