The Week’s Most Popular Posts: November 24 – 28, 2014

Let’s take a look back at the week that was, here at Panels . . .




from Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Comic Book Animal Kingdom? by Paul Montgomery


DC Comics is having a giant digital sale on Batman comics starting today. There are 750 issues for sale and everything’s a buck. Now, if you haven’t already read some of Batman’s perennial stories, such as The Dark Knight Returns or “Batman: Year One,” now’s a great time to do so. But let’s say you want a slightly deeper cut than those. Here are ten more stories to check out.

from 10 Stories to Read in Comixology’s Batman 750 Sale That Aren’t Batman by Jeff Reid


This is a hugely effecting collection, tracing intergenerational trauma in indigenous communities from the time of European contact onwards. Edwin learns why his father, James, has never been able to parent him, and together they learn what it will take to heal and move forward. And yet it never feels like an after-school special; Edwin is honest and real, and his family’s struggles are presented warts-and-all. This comic is achingly honest.

from Two Must-Read Comics by First Nations Writers by Brenna Clarke Gray


Panels comic fetish


from Comics Fetish: Volume 9 by Brenna Clarke Gray


What’s interesting is that I didn’t remember how Bobby remade himself. I always remembered Havok’s urination ultimatum, but never how Bobby saved himself until I went searching through back issues recently. To my mind, replacing your body with the unknown water content of a strange demonic figure is somehow worse than your teammates offering up a small amount of water to accomplish the same. I’ve always wondered if the swift hand of editorial came in and fixed this before it saw print.

from Yep, That Happened: Iceman’s Yellow Snow Incident by Brian McNamara

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