The Week’s Most Popular Posts: November 17 – 21, 2014

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Let’s take a look back at the week that was, here at Panels . . . 

groot image


from Art Round-up: Character Spotlight on Groot by Kristina Pino


Dr. Stephen Strange is a brilliant, narcissistic surgeon who has an accident that leaves his hands ruined. In his quest to repair his hands, he becomes a disciple to a magician known as the Ancient One, who teaches Strange the ways of magic, and in doing so, Strange sheds his selfish ways and becomes a hero, preparing for long battles against evil mystic forces.

I’m intrigued. So, he’s really popular in comics, then? Where do I start?

from Doctor Strange: Where Do I Start? by Dave Accampo


Buying comics can be a little intimidating. I’m not sure I have room for all the comics I’m interested in on my shelves. I have a subscription to Marvel Unlimited, but what are my other options in terms of buying comics digitally?

from Adventures of a Comic Book Newbie: What Are My Digital Options? by Jessica Pryde


Earlier this month we asked you to name your three favorite comic book moviesfrom throughout the storied history of comic books, movies, and surveys. A number of you did that through the little polling widget we set up, and a few of you submitted your answers by traditional mail. We’re not entirely sure where the latter got to, as we never supplied a mailing address. We don’t actually have one. We’ve compiled the results of the former though, and that’s what this followup article is about.

from Your Top 10 Comic Book Movies of All Time by Paul Montgomery




from Comics Fetish: Volume 8 by Kristina Pino

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