Critical Linking: November 12th, 2014


2014 Best Books of the Year: The Top 100

Amazon’s picks for the best books of 2014 includes a pick for #1 that is a bit of a surprise.


Bol pledged to give Detroit 20 of the miniature libraries after Kim Kozlowski of Ferndale launched a fundraising campaign in September to build 313 Little Free Libraries to promote literacy and community engagement. Kozlowski, a Detroit News staff writer, is working to raise $25,000 on the crowdfunding website

Man, little free libraries are sweeping the nation.


Such realities reflect deep cultural values that can’t be Band-Aided over. Should we declare books “an essential good”? Sure, declare away. But saying so won’t make it so.

This is the first of the NYT “Bookends” discussions that I found interesting.


With the Miami Book Fair kicking off later this month, PBS has announced that it would be offering thorough, “Olympic-style” coverage of the festival.

Seems like a cool idea. Lots of interesting things at these big book fairs that more than just the people within driving distance would like to see.


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