Critical Linking: November 9, 2014

These days, bookstores have become destinations in their own right, with charming settings, a roster of top-notch events, exceptional people-watching, and in-house cafes that keep us lingering for hours. We’ve found some of the best mega bookstores—what we like to think of as the meccas in the world of brick-and-mortar booksellers.

Some of these 11 Mega Bookstores aren’t ones you find on every list. Worth the slideshow format.


Oprah Winfrey and Tom Brokaw are among the featured commentators for an “enhanced” e-book of Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

The e-book was released Tuesday by HarperCollins. It also features a 1964 radio interview with Lee, who rarely speaks to the media.

You can snag an “enhanced” eBook of To Kill A Mockingbird with some bonus extras. Kind of neat.


[Usher] then read If Kids Ran the World, by Leo and Diane Dillon, and performed a stripped-down version of “Without You.” Scholastic peppered the event with pre-taped video interviews with children who explained what they think “possible” means. One boy said he thinks “possible” is about making the unusual normal, “like, pigs flying, or fish out of water.” Another pint-size reader offered this rationale for why he liked books: “There is no limit. Like in a car, there’s a speed limit. But there’s no limit on reading, you can read forever, unless if you have to go to a birthday or something.” Indeed.

Usher reads to a group of kids! While that is awesome, this video (which is a little lengthy, but one you can listen to, rather than have to watch all the way) is filled with kids talking about reading and asking Usher about his reading life.


A nice gallery of authors working at their typewriters.

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