Critical Linking: November 8, 2014

Stephen Fry, Julie Walters, Emma Watson, David Beckham and Liam Gallagher are some of the celebrities who have designed 50 Paddington statues which are popping up all over London from tomorrow until the end of the year. Here’s a sneak preview of some of the cutest – which do you like best?

London has the best public art projects. This gallery of Paddington Bears is great.


Muscovites may now download books by Russia’s literary giants for free while they wait for the subway. Thanks to an initiative of Moscow Metro, the city’s public transportation authority, riders can download ebooks to their smartphones and tablets by scanning a QR code on the subway platform. The free digital library includes more than 100 works of Russian literature, among them Nikolai Gogol’s Nose, Alexander Pushkin’s Egyptian Nights, Anton Chekhov’s About Love, and Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s Mr. Prokharchin, the Guardian reports.

What a great idea. (And what a terrible last line to this article.)


I will read whatever interests me. I will read novels. I will read poems. I will read essays. I will read short stories. I will read memoirs. I will read magazines. I will read newspapers. I will read comic books. I will read self-help. I will read street signs. I will read ads. I will read instruction manuals. I will read old love letters. Etc.

This manifesto of 33 thoughts on reading is the best kind of reading manifesto.


[W]e take to the air with this quiz about our feathered friends in literature. But can you tell a hawk from a handsaw? Find out whether you’re a turkey or a soaring success.

So, how well DO you know your birds of literature?


The almost barbaric episodes that follow are just a smattering of fairy tales, as we know them today, derived from spoken legends which were based on facts. The morals these stories convey are far more important than the events themselves, the circumstances of which are often forgotten. These cautionary tales, where good conquers evil, the wicked get punished, the righteous live happily ever after, offer hope that one can do something positive about changing oneself and the world.

How true are the stories behind fairy tales we know? A look at some of the true stories behind the tales.

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