Critical Linking: October 25, 2014

J.K. Rowling’s will post a new original story about a key character from the Harry Potter books on Halloween, it was announced Friday.

The “special Halloween treat for Harry Potter fans” will focus on the witch and former Hogwarts professor Dolores Umbridge, according to

Merry Halloween, Harry Potter fans!


The San Antonio International Airport has unveiled two Digital Library kiosks that will allow travelers to check out digital media to take on trips.

This is a great idea, and even neater, non-San Antonio residents can get temporary cards and access to the digital collection.


Entering an author’s home is akin to entering the world of their books. The choices made in the home decor, from whose portrait to hang where to what tea set to display, speak to their personality.

Thanks to the efforts of curators, directors and guides, your feet can tread today where literary giants walked 100 years ago. So step back in time and visit the following 10 homes previously owned by American authors.

Wharton’s estate is so gorgeous.


It’s that time of year again, when the pumpkins come out, the fake cobwebs are hung and we feel that dormant urge to be chilled, thrilled and spooked to our bones. Get out your flashlights, because a scary story awaits — actually, make that fifty of them. Now, there’s more to scary stories than goblins, ghouls, blood and your general horror — here there be monsters of many kinds, existential and literal, extraordinary and everyday. And remember: like beauty, fear is in the bloody eye of the beholder. So whether you yearn for classic horror or literary fiction guaranteed to make your skin crawl, read on. If you dare!

50 of the best scary short stories, many of which you can click on through and read on screen.



This timeline to YA historical fiction is excellent.


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