Critical Linking: October 23rd, 2014, Evening Edition

Instead of coffee, pour out a cold one for Critical Linking: After Dark

Neil Gaiman is here to warn you, literally. His new short story collection is titled Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances (William Morrow). The phrase is commonly used online to warn people about content that “could upset them and trigger flashbacks or anxiety or terror,” as Gaiman describes in the introduction.

The collection is coming out February 2015, but USA Today has an excerpt.


Once you are logged into the app you are ready to begin listening. Rentals will be indicated by a blue triangle in the upper right-hand corner of the book image. Your rental will either begin once you start listening or 10 days after purchase.

Huh, Downpour launches audiobook rentals. Seems like a pretty smart move.


The final count on Fire Phone inventory left at the end of Q3: $83 million.

The Fire Phone fizzles.


For Sarah Waters’s novel The Paying Guests (Riverhead, 2014), Public Books is simultaneously publishing a written review by Heather Love, “Give the People What They Want,” and an original one-panel illustration review by Alison Bechdel.

Genius idea.


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