Critical Linking: October 20th, 2014


29 Alternative Harry Potter Halloween Costume Ideas. For when The Boy Who Lived is just too mainstream.

Fred and George, Luna Lovegood, Moaning Myrtle, and Mad-Eye are clearly the best on this list.


On Saturday, author Kathleen Hale was given a platform on the Guardian, one of the most venerable book outlets in the English speaking world. Using that platform, she chronicles a months long stalking campaign to a Goodreads reviewer who Hale charactered as her number one critic.

This is a crazy story.


Princeton University will be the permanent home to the papers of Toni Morrison, one of America’s most celebrated living authors. Princeton’s president, Christopher L. Eisgruber, made the announcement last week at a conference for black alumni which featured Ms. Morrison, a Nobel Laureate and university faculty member from 1989 to 2006.

No surprise, given Morrison’s longtime affiliation with Princeton. But….the buried lede is that she has a new novel due out THIS SPRING.

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