The Week’s Most Popular Posts: October 6-10, 2014

This post originally appeared on Panels, which is now Book Riot Comics

With our first full week of Panels content drawing to a close, it’s time to look back at the most popular posts.

“Somewhere along the way, we decided to accept that “comics” are silly ephemeral reading material for children, and “graphic novels” are the serious things that get reviewed in the New York Times. We need to reject this distinction for three reasons.”

From Graphic Novels, Graphic Schmovels: It’s All Just Comics by Brenna Clarke Gray


“Were Scott Snyder’s fertile imagination to manifest itself in the physical realm, it’d likely settle into an abandoned Russian amusement park. I was fully expecting his latest creation at Image to rattle my nerves, but the opening sequence of Wytches evacuated my body of all its bejesus. And it doesn’t stop at the noseless woman clawing at the knothole of her oaken jail. It’s that moment of harrowing betrayal and those words I’ll be contemplating as I take my evening walk along my local wooded parkway: Pledged is pledged.

From Simply the Best: October 10, 2014 by Paul Montgomery


“Pop culture has rarely seen a reader as voracious as Rory Gilmore. Her unquenchable thirst for reading means, to me at least, that she would have read more than just one comic. Rory may not have sought them out the way she does with book-books, but being an ardent lover of stories Rory would definitely pick up a few comics.”

From The Rory Gilmore Comics Challenge by Ali Colluccio



“Let me start off by saying I am shocked by how much I enjoyed this pilot. Like, I thought we’d be in for something enjoyable that I might look forward to talking about with you every week, but I ended up with a show that basically stapled a stupid grin to my face for the entirety of its runtime. Like, I was super worried that this column would be me with a stank face complaining about minutiae while you made fun of me and were giggling about how great the show was. But that’s not the case and I couldn’t be happier. Ali… this was me for pretty much this entire episode.”

From Recap: The Flash 01×01 – Pilot by Chris Rohling and Ali Colluccio


“It’s October, and that means that we turn to all things spooky… including a couple of haunting debuts featuring some witchy women.

“Now, horror comics have a rich history, but comics horror has always been tricky. Because you’re “reading” sequential images, writers can’t pull out the bag of cinematic tricks that filmmakers often use to captivate and terrify. I’m talking about tense pacing, the jump scares, the audio cues… everything that makes you jump and scream in the theater.”

From The Art of the Start: Wytches #1 and Sabrina #1 by Dave Accampo

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