What Was the First Comic You Loved?

Whether you’ve been reading comics for decades or still feel like a total noob, you’re here because *something* got you hooked. Sooooo, what was it? We want to know about the first comics you loved. And because that might be a crazy-hard thing to narrow down without being super-strict about it being the absolute first, we’re giving you up to 3 entries.

To have your answers included in the final tally (we’ll compile all the data and share it with you in a few weeks) complete the form below by Thursday, October 9th. And don’t worry about issue numbers or super-specific stuff; the name of the comic and the author are all we need. Me? I’m pretty new to the world of comics, and my first love was Saga by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples. Your turn!

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